I Always Knew

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A deeply moving story of true love and passion.




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To the outside world Beth Burrows has mended her mangled heart – only she knows she will never get over John Callan. Despite the fact he dumped her, she still believes it was no ordinary romance but a chemistry of mind and heart that possibly happens only once in a lifetime.

Work has been her saviour and she is carving out a career for herself as a jewellery designer. In a weird way she has John to thank for this. He created this artist within her – he made her really feel.

But now it’s almost three years on and Beth is contented in a relationship with a loving boyfriend, Rory. That is, until her best friend, John’s sister Alice, announces that she is getting married. Beth’s life is turned upside-down when John is asked to be best man to her chief bridesmaid.

What will happen when she comes face to face with him again? The very thought terrifies her. But then something happens that makes even her feelings for John Callan pale into insignificance.


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I Always Knew

I Always Knew

A deeply moving story of true love and passion.