Tyringham Park - Rosemary McLoughlin

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Tyringham Park - Rosemary McLoughlin


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Tyringham Park is the Blackshaws’ magnificent country house in the south of Ireland. It is a haven of wealth and privilege until its peace is shattered by a devastating event which reveals the chaos of jealousy and deceit beneath its surface.
Charlotte Blackshaw is only eight years old when her little sister Victoria goes missing from the estate. Charlotte is left to struggle with her loss without any support from her hostile mother and menacing nanny. It is obvious to Charlotte that both of them wish she had been the one to go missing rather than pretty little Victoria.
Charlotte finds comfort in the kindness of servants. With their help she seeks an escape from the burden of being the unattractive one left behind.
Despite her mother’s opposition, she later reaches out for happiness and believes the past can no longer hurt her.
But the mystery of Victoria’s disappearance continues to cast a long shadow over Tyringham Park - a mystery that may still have the power to destroy its world and the world of all those connected to it.


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Tyringham Park - Rosemary McLoughlin

Tyringham Park - Rosemary McLoughlin

Tyringham Park - Rosemary McLoughlin

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