His Name is Rebecca


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What do you do if you're trapped in the wrong body?




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Rebecca De Havalland

What do you do if you’re born trapped in the wrong body? Eamon Tallon was happy to be different, preferring cut-out dolls to footballs, the Bunty to the Beano. Then his life was shattered when, from the age of seven, he was sexually abused at a school run by a religious order. His journey to find himself – or herself, as it turned out – was long and tortuous. As “Eamon” he got married – he chose the wedding dress and the honeymoon was a clothes-shopping spree in London. As “Ross”, a gifted hairdresser, he lived as a gay man. Eventually he arrived at the truth: “he” was a woman in a man's body. Rebecca was the first transgender in Ireland to have a full sex change. But there were many other ‘lives’ to be lived – madam in a male brothel in Amsterdam, abused wife, heroin addict in London, night-club hostess Lady V in Dublin – before Rebecca finally found happiness, success, and a granddaughter she never knew she had. This is the inspiring story of a woman who fought for fulfilment and found it, against all odds.


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His Name is Rebecca

His Name is Rebecca

What do you do if you're trapped in the wrong body?