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The Dark Side of the Papacy

‘No Catholic can ignore its conclusions’- Gordon Thomas




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Peter de Rosa

Peter de Rosa’s international bestseller is the dramatic and terrible story of the papal abuse of power over the last two thousand years.

‘Brilliant scholarship, sinewy writing, and blazing moral fervour will not overcome the objections of some who will accuse de Rosa of fermenting sour grapes. Others will savour this like fine wine. Whatever the palate,
no one will mistake this very potent brew for soda pop.’
Kirkus Reviews USA

‘This book has everything we never wanted to know about the supreme pontiffs - cruelty, simony, nepotism, despotism and sex, God help us, sex in forms, places and positions that left this reviewer gasping at clerical
ingenuity.’  The Sunday Tribune

‘A powerful and sombre study. A disturbing but important book.’
Birmingham Post

‘De Rosa calmly plays the Devil’s Advocate. He opens the stained glass
windows and clearly outlines the evolution of the church’s teachings, too often shaped by the whims of corrupt and fanatical popes.’
Dublin Evening Herald

‘Popes, sex and propaganda have been mixing for a long time, and de Rosa tries to remind the powers-that-be that their claims of infallibility mixed up with personal sexual impasses have had and could have dire consequences for millions of people.’  BBC World Service


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Vicars of Christ

Vicars of Christ

The Dark Side of the Papacy

‘No Catholic can ignore its conclusions’- Gordon Thomas

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