City Girl


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Patricia Scanlan

DEVLIN:  Blonde, beautiful, rich and spoilt. The world is hers for the taking until she encounters the suave, seductive and very married Colin Cantrell-King. A rat, who lies, cheats and uses women until he tires of them. Her life is turned upside down . . . and then the unthinkable happens.

CAROLINE: Fat, frumpy, needy, and terminally shy, she’s terrified of being left on the shelf. Then she meets Richard   . . . cold, reserved and with a secret to hide. She makes a decision that has disastrous consequences for both of them.

MAGGIE: Flame-haired, sexy, vibrant and fun-loving. She lives life to the full . . . and then she marries. Her wings are well and truly clipped by the demands of marriage and motherhood. Has she made the biggest mistake of her life?

This is a story of three young women who deal with everything life throws at them, and how, as their enduring friendship sustains them through thick and thin, they start to live on their own terms.


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City Girl

City Girl

from the number one bestselling author