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Francesca's Party


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Patricia Scanlan

After years of being the perfect wife and mother, Francesca Kirwan’s life is changed irrevocably one dismal autumn morning when her husband Mark forgets his mobile phone. In the space of ten minutes her comfortable, safe, uneventful existence is completed shattered. With her life turned upside down and an extremely uncertain future ahead of her, she has two choices . . . sink or swim!

Francesca decides to get a life, but first she must deal with razor-sharp international banker Nikki Langan. Super-babe is ten years younger and two stone lighter than Francesca. Sculpted, toned and dressed to kill, Nikki wants it all and she doesn’t intend to let anyone, least of all Francesca, stand in her way. But youth and beauty aren’t everything, and Francesca proves to be a far tougher adversary than the glamorous career girl had anticipated.

After a shaky start, Francesca’s life takes a decidedly upward turn. New job, new friends, new lifestyle – and when dishy journalist Ralph Casson shows more than a professional interest in her, Mark is not at all pleased.

Francesca decides to throw a party, and that’s when the fun really starts. Revenge is a dish best served cold . . . especially if you’ve been on a diet


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Francesca's Party

Francesca's Party

Francesca's Party