Time and Tide

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From the author of Inside Out




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Mary O'Sullivan

Journalist Robyn, blissfully pregnant, and her vet husband Zach live a quiet life on the shores of Felton Bay, disturbed only by Zach’s unease about Robyn’s previous affair with Kevin Phillips, her boss on the Daily News.
When an outbreak of Bluetongue Virus, the first in Ireland, occurs in a local sheep herd, the media, including Kevin, descend on the village. Robyn is confused to find she is still attracted to her ex-lover and jealous of his interest in her lively friend Tansy.
Then the Met Office issues a weather alert: all coastal areas in Ireland are in danger of severe flooding. As the threatened Atlantic storm develops into a hurricane, the people of Felton have to unite to survive. Sheltering in the fragile safety of their Community Hall, together they face the might of Hurricane Kimi.
It is a night of fear, violence, heartache, bravery, good and evil. A night when all pretence is gone and only the truth survives.



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Time and Tide

Time and Tide

From the author of Inside Out

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