Along Came a Stork


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"Highly entertaining" - Irish Independent


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Marisa Mackle

Diana Kay is nearly thirty years old, single and pregnant. A glamoroussocialite, she has just landed her dream job on TV as a dating guru. Buthow can she advise women on their struggling love lives when she’s hidingasecret pregnancy? And why has the baby’s father, who swore he’d loveher forever, decided instead to vanish off the face of the earth?

Terrified of losing her television job, Diana watches her bump grow biggerby the day. How long can she keep pretending she’s developed a suddenfondness for jam doughnuts? When it all becomes too much she flees tothe West of Ireland in search of peace and privacy. Instead she stumbleson a dark family secret.

Diana soon forgets her own personal turmoil as she delves into the past.But is it really a good idea to resurrect a shocking scandal that has beenso firmly swept under the family carpet?


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Along Came a Stork

Along Came a Stork

"Highly entertaining" - Irish Independent