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The Other Side of the Story




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Marian Keyes

“There are 3 sides to every story:  your side, their side and the truth …”

For events organiser Gemma, the departure of her father into the arms of a younger woman is the biggest show in town. Suddenly she’s doling out tranquillisers to her mammy and cleaning up after her when she breaks every plate in the house.  Being from a broken home is no fun when you’re 32 – she could write a book about it …

Meanwhile first-time novelist Lily is enjoying overnight success
with her debut novel. But the person she’s celebrating with is
Anton – her best friend Gemma’s ex – and the guilt is kind
of getting to her.

And then there’s Jojo, a literary agent whose star is on the rise.
In love with Mark, her very married boss, and with her burgeoning career, not much distracts her. Until she finds herself representing two women who used to be best friends. That’s right: used to be.

What goes around comes around and, in the world of million
pound book deals and the race for a slot on the bestseller list, Lily, Gemma and Jojo’s lives intersect, in a collision of love, loyalty
and payback time.


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The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story

The Other Side of the Story

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