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Time after Time - Linda Kavanagh


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Linda Kavanagh

As Caroline Leyden’s wedding to Ken Barnes approaches she wants everything to be perfect and all her family to be there. But a 30-year-old photograph album reveals Gina, an aunt she has never met and Caroline gets the feeling her mother Stella and aunt Dolly want their sister and a scandal to remain hidden in the past.

Aware she has touched a raw family nerve, Caroline is compelled to track down Gina. It’s a journey that will change the rest of her life.

Investigative reporter Alice Fitzsimons is in for a shock when her property developer husband Bill reveals the true state of their finances. Can their marriage survive?

But who is the strange old woman who tells Alice she is in danger, and what is Alice going to do about Enrique the gorgeous widower policeman from Buenos Aires? While Alice is clearing her head and coming to a decision, strange things start to happen. Is someone trying to kill her?



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Time after Time - Linda Kavanagh

Time after Time - Linda Kavanagh

Time after Time - Linda Kavanagh

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