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The Book Club


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Kate McCabe

Looking for a way to pass the cold winter nights –  and take her mind off her lying ex – Marian Hunt decides to start a book club. And pretty soon, it begins to take off …

Christy Grimes thinks the book club will help his beloved wife in her recovery from a stroke, but little does he know the effect it will have on him.

Liz Broderick hopes the book club will distract her from
her grief. But a greater distraction than books lies in store.

Caught up in working hard to support his ex-wife, Matt Bollinger reckons the book club will be a good way to meet new people. But
while romance beckons, sabotage is not far behind.

Disgraced poet Nick Barry is in search of the perfect story to relaunch
his career, and he expects the book club will be the perfect place for some market research. But Nick finds a bigger story than he bargained for.

With sadness, joy, money, sex, betrayal – and a few novels thrown in
for good measure – those cold winter nights are about to heat up …


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The Book Club

The Book Club

The Book Club

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