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No Deals


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An addict's journey to freedom!


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Early one morning in 1994, Jackie Burke lay dying on the floor of his elderly mother’s house, his body pumped full of a lifetime’s worth of drugs and alcohol.

An ex-prisoner, Jackie had defied help offered by psychotherapists, social workers and addiction counsellors. His drug-taking lifestyle had reached breaking point and now he was moments away from death. He had turned his back on God and on himself.

Lying there in the only refuge still open to him, he had an epiphany. He realised that, if he died, he would never see the one person who had always remained loyal to him: his mother. So he reached out.

Jackie is now married with three children and he devotes his life to helping others work against drugs, sharing his story with 25,000 school and college students each year. In No Deals, Jackie tells his story, a journey from the depths of addiction to the birth of
a new hope.


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No Deals

No Deals

An addict's journey to freedom!