My Husband's Lover

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From the author of Closer to Home


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Erin Kaye

When Chris’s old friend Bernie turns up, all the way
from sunny Australia, she welcomes her with open arms.
But that’s before Bernie steals her husband, Paul. Now she must rebuild her life. Paul, on the other hand, is all set for a new start with Bernie. Until, that is, he discovers what she’s been hiding from him.

Meanwhile Karen has her own troubles.
She’s always disguised her low self-esteem behind a lively personality. But when she suspects her husband Tony of having an affair, her world falls apart. In fact, happily married father-of-two Tony feels his life is complete.
It’s only when Shona appears on the scene that Tony is forced to come clean about his shameful past.

It’s amazing what people can keep hidden from
those closest to them.


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My Husband's Lover

My Husband's Lover

From the author of Closer to Home

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