The Art of Friendship

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The Art of Friendship




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Erin Kaye

It is New Year’s Eve.
Downstairs, the party is in full swing, but hostess Janice is locked
in her bathroom, drinking champagne with her best friends,   making resolutions for the coming year.  
Patsy has been stashing a bit away from her art gallery’s profits.
She intends to take her husband on African safari. But she hasn’t
reckoned on the recession. Clare vows to take up painting again and make a career of it. She’s done the Mummy thing and is tired of her husband’s neglect. Young widow Kirsty knows it’s time to get herself a new man. Her in-laws are wonderful but every act of kindness is like a nail in the coffin of her independence. Janice actually dislikes resolutions. Since her unmarried pregnancy, she knows you can’t control fate – you just have to ride the wave of life, deal with it, cope.  
When the women exit the bathroom, in a spate of girlish giggling,
they little suspect the coming year will bring disasters that will try
their relationships severely.
Can their friendship survive when put to such a test? Can they?


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The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship

The Art of Friendship

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