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"An extraordinary read" - Ryan Tubridy




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Emma Hannigan

The Pink Ladies Club is a pretty unusual club. There are no fees and you can be any age to join.  

Zoe, who runs her own boutique with her mirror-image twin sister, Charlie, is twenty-two. Upbeat Esme, soon to celebrate a milestone birthday and maker of the best roast dinner around, is sixty-nine. Hard-nosed businesswoman Tanya, blessed with a gentle husband and a darling baby, is thirty-five. 

But despite their differences, these women all have the one membership

requirement for the club: cancer. And as life, loss, sickness and the sometimes bizarrely funny world of cancer-treatment washes over them, they find that being a member of the Pink Ladies Club is the glue that holds it all together. 

Their families love them, but do they really understand? Esme’s husband Michael is so set in his ways that even a change of diet rattles him. Zoe’s twin Charlie is living her own fun-filled life. And how can Tanya’s little girl comprehend what the future may hold?  

Not all three women may last the course, but for them and their counsellor Sian Doyle, who has lost the man she adored to the disease, the experience of facing and fighting this illness is life-changing – and even life-enhancing.





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The Pink Ladies Club

The Pink Ladies Club

"An extraordinary read" - Ryan Tubridy

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