In The Court’s Hands is a crime novel set in Dublin 2014 and 1981. 


“If it had rained on the 25th of April at least one woman would not have died. Not that I bear any responsibility for that. Nothing I did intentionally caused anyone’s death.”

 Stenographer Beatrice Barrington is working on a white collar crime case at the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin when she inadvertently witnesses an illicit meeting between the defendant in the case and a mysterious woman. Before she can take any action, the forewoman of the jury is found dead.

A person of comfortable routines and devotion to work, Beatrice finds herself suddenly pulled into a world of danger and deceit. As she tries to unravel what has happened, a stalker with a familiar face seems to watch her every move and a woman attempting to help her pays a terrible price.

With the aid of an old friend, retired detective Gabriel Ingram, she must uncover the truth behind the death of the jury woman before the defendant’s trial collapses. And at the same time, she must face up to injustices in her own past and ensure that those who deserve to be behind bars are put there by the court.