New Supernatural Thriller

Irish writer set to be the new Stephen King

 Irish writer Tina Callaghan writes young adult supernatural thriller with lots of chills and adventure.

Something is wrong with the town of Bailey.

Something dark, something dangerous. Something evil.


Tina Callaghan is a writer of supernatural fiction, both for children and adults. Her stories have featured in books and magazines with the greats of horror, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury and Robert Bloch.


Stories that evoke feelings of terror and horror have been told since humans began telling stories. Tales of hunter and hunted appear on cave walls and in the pyramids. The thread of horror fiction runs through the Middle Ages and into the gothic tradition of the 18th and 19th centuries, and from there into the 20th century with everything from pulp magazines to the great days of horror fiction in the seventies and eighties, when horror hit the mainstream.

 Horror fiction follows what is happening in society. When times are bad, horror fiction, always on book shop shelves, experiences a wave of popularity, because fiction that unsettles in a safe environment is a salve to a reality that we can’t control. Most children love a thrilling spooky story, because good wins out in the end and everyone is safe.

 Supernatural fiction is wildly popular with teenagers, whether the vampires are gory, or sparklingly romantic.

 Supernatural fiction is experiencing another resurgence with major international novels appearing on best seller lists. Stephen King, the master of horror, has largely moved to crime fiction and the world is crying out for a new horror writer who will appeal to a wide audience. The publication of Dark Wood, Dark Water by Tina Callaghan brings that exciting new voice to the fore. Atmospheric and fast paced, this novel brings horror home, to a place many of us recognise, the small town, but one plagued by an ancient curse. Themes of friendship and love battle with jealousy, cruelty and true evil.

 Praise for Tina Callaghan:

‘A story Stephen King would have written if he’d grown up in Ireland’ Peadar O Guilin author of The Call.


‘Chilling and atmospheric’ F.G. Cottam, author of The Colony


‘Sublime’ Ruth Frances Long, author of the Dubh Linn series


‘Moody, atmospheric and entertaining’ Joseph Delaney, author of The Wardstone Chronicles


‘Fans of Stephen King will feel at home here.’ Publisher’s Weekly


Paperback 3rd September 2018, €9.99, ISBN: 9781781997802

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