About the book:  When Karin Bolger, a successful but controversial businesswoman and her friend Sive Collins are abducted, a nationwide investigation is launched. Fresh from promotion and transfer to her new station in Galway, DI Naomi Fox is assigned to the case.


With Karin’s plans to close the country’s oldest and best-loved brewery, the finger of suspicion is pointed firmly in the direction of the Justice for the Workers protestors, led by one bitter and angry family.


But as DI Fox enters Karin’s enviable world, the seemingly perfect life slowly unravels to expose a solitary and lonely existence, threatened by betrayal, exploitation and disloyalty. In response, Karin’s instinct is to protect and defend.


Deadly Blind is a sharp thriller that slices through layer upon layer of lies and misdirections and spirals into a shattering conclusion.


Author Bio:Siobháin was born in Baghdad in 1968 to her Irish mother and Iraqi father. She was educated by the Benedictine Nuns at Kylemore Abbey, Connemara and went on to graduate from the College of Marketing & Design in 1992. Writing became an accidental passion some ten years later and has remained such ever since. Siobháin lives in Malahide, Co. Dublin with her three children.


A Poolbeg Paperback     15th April 2018      9.99  ISBN: 9781781998236


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