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Is it curtains for Cathy
Conroy’s Oscar ambitions?


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Clare Dowling

Cathy Conroy – five years ago her
acting career looked hot. Now she’s
selling cabbages to pay the rent.
Is it curtains for her Oscar ambitions?  

Jean Ormsby – a struggling theatrical agent.  Well, sinking actually. Even her secretary has quit.  

Peter and Tess Fisher – the Minister for Arts and his successful wife. He’s got a rebellious daughter and a political crisis on his hands. She’s got a string of store credit cards and a husband with a wandering eye.  

Waiting in the wings are the Government spin-doctors, who scheme to bring a film to rural Ireland in a publicity stunt to win a crucial by-election.  The stage is set for career breaks and media wars – and a secret love affair which blows the lot sky high.


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Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Is it curtains for Cathy
Conroy’s Oscar ambitions?

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