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The Bright Side


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Alex Coleman

All is not well in Jackie’s world. Her relationship with her son has deteriorated badly and her relationship with her daughter seems to be going the same way. She’s lost her parents to a drunk driver and in the aftermath of that blow has become estranged from her only sibling.

Then, one day, Jackie comes home early from work and catches her husband Gerry with their next-door neighbour. Horrified, she packs a bag and flees the house with no clear idea where she’s going. And then she has a thought. This crisis is going to win her a lot of sympathy. Maybe it’s just the thing she needs to kick-start her fractured relationships? Although she feels guilty about making such cynical use of her predicament, Jackie is initially delighted with the results.

But it doesn’t last. Before long, she’s forced to confront the real reasons why her relationships have been failing – and to deal with some unfinished business from her past...


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The Bright Side

The Bright Side

The Bright Side