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Poolbeg publishes the widest range of books for the younger reader in Ireland
Irish Myths & Legends...

Irish folklore and historical events told in a concise and engaging style. Written by the bestselling author of the ‘Rosie’ series Ann Carroll, who is from a teaching background, and illustrated by Derry Dillon. Ideal for girls and boys aged 6+ 'Brings the ancient Ireland of mythology to life in a fun and immediate way that kids will really enjoy' - RTÉ GUIDE 'Highly recommended' - IRISH INDEPENDENT

Heroes of Ireland

'This series is a fantastic resource for parents and teachers alike. A true gem' Inis - the Children's Books Ireland 


This series is a fantastic resource for parents and teachers alike.  A true gem’ 

Hands on History
Getting to grips with Ireland’s history! Vivid child’s eye view of history of key periods, events and turning points using compelling characters and narrative to engage younger readers. Ideal for girls and boys aged 9+
Page turning adventure stories with illustrations for kids set around the major cities in Ireland. Ideal for girls and boys aged 6+ Kids can also enjoy the extra fun inside: • Look for the 10 hidden objects throughout the book • Will include the top ten facts about the city and find out about quirky and secret things you didn’t know! • Includes a detailed map highlighting the places visited in the story • Includes detachable postcard
Get Out and Play...
A great way to learn about all kinds of sport, get active and have lots of fun! Educational as well as entertaining. Full colour paperback.
In a Nutshell

History made fun for kids

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What The Owl Saw

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The Australian Fun Book

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Uncle Edward & the Egg

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Wimple Towers

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Feisty Rosie McGrath is off on another exciting historical adventure!

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An absorbing and thrilling adventure.

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Battle of Somme

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